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dipping soy sauce for fresh spring rolls
Dipping Soy Sauce for Fresh Spring Rolls
Hey there, fresh spring rolls lovers! This vegetarian dipping soy sauce is perfect for enjoying with your fresh spring rolls. Inspired by the ex-head chef at Vegie Hut restaurant in the Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple, Melbourne, Australia, this simple and delicious sauce will elevate your fresh spring roll experience.
5 minutes
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Popiah (Bo Bia) fresh spring rolls
Mini Popiah Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut-butter Hoisin Sauce
Hey there, food enthusiasts! If you're looking for a delicious and fun recipe to try, Mini Popiah (Bo Bia) fresh spring rolls are perfect for you. These delightful rolls are a hit in Ho Chi Minh city, especially among school-age students who enjoy them as an after-school treat. Influenced by the Chinese community, these rolls feature the unique flavors of Lap Cheong and dried small shrimp instead of the usual vermicelli noodles and fresh shrimp.
40 minutes
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hoisin dipping sauce for fresh spring rolls
Hoisin Dipping Sauce for Fresh Spring Rolls
Hoisin dipping sauce is a favorite for fresh spring rolls, known for its thick texture and fragrant aroma. This recipe comes from a Vietnamese family who often make fresh spring rolls for their kids on weekends. It's a true reflection of the street-food flavors in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city).
8 minutes
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shrimp fresh spring rolls
Shrimp Fresh Spring Rolls with Dipping Fish Sauce
If you ask me what the most popular fresh spring roll recipe is, I'd answer in a heartbeat: shrimp fresh spring rolls. This dish is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine, featuring fresh ingredients like shrimp, cucumber, carrots, iceberg lettuce, vermicelli noodles, and mint leaves, all wrapped up and served with a garlic-chili dipping fish sauce, Nuoc Cham.
35 minutes
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garlic chili dipping fish sauce
Dipping Fish Sauce for Fresh Spring Rolls
This dipping fish sauce, Nuoc Cham, one of the classic dips, from a Vietnamese family in the Mekong Delta, adds a sweet and savory flavor to your table. This recipe ensures that tiny garlic and chili pieces beautifully float on the top of the dipping fish sauce, making it popular choice for fresh spring rolls.
7 minutes
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how to cook vermicelli img1
How To Cook Vermicelli Noodles For Summer Rolls
Vermicelli noodles are a key ingredient in making fresh summer rolls. These delicate noodles are prepared using a water blanching method. The noodles are briefly cooked in boiling water, then quickly cooled under cool running water. This process ensures the perfect texture for Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.
The cooking time below is just an estimation, and really depending on the amount of vermicelli noodles to cook.
6 minutes
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simplest hoisin sauce
The Simplest Hoisin Sauce For Rice Paper Rolls
In the world of Asian cuisine, Hoisin dipping sauce holds a special place, much like the beloved tomato sauce or barbecue sauce in US cooking. Known for its savory and robust flavor, Hoisin sauce brings depth to dishes like rice paper rolls. Here, we offer a US twist on enjoying this classic sauce: simply pour it straight from the bottle, with a hint of chili paste and freshly-cut chillies for an added kick. It's a delightful and easy way to savor the taste of Asia in the comfort of your own home.
3 minutes
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simple fish sauce recipe
The Simplest Dipping Fish Sauce (Nuoc Cham) For Rice Paper Rolls
Among the variety of sauces that accompany Vietnamese rice paper rolls, dipping fish sauce (Nuoc Cham) holds a special place as a beloved favorite. Originating from the heart of Vietnam, particularly the Central region, this sauce recipe embodies simplicity and authenticity. True to its origins, the recipe highlighted here captures the essence of Vietnamese dining culture. It's the simplest dipping fish sauce, poured straight from the bottle and paired with freshly-cut chillies. In the Central region of Vietnam, these chillies pack a spicy punch, adding a bold kick to every dip.
2 minutes
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